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Warming Cabinet

Warming Cabinet

Media Warming Cabinet


These are designed for use in X-Ray & CT for safely warming bottles of contrast media to body temperature and also for warming ultrasound gel, etc.
It is considered best clinical practice to warm fluids prior to use to ensure patient comfort.

Cabinets can be supplied with Door Locks (Please Contact Us for Lock Options and Price)


These cabinets will give long & trouble-free life in normal use. They are fitted with a digital temperature controller as well as an over-temperature safety cutout for product protection. A flat perforated shelf ensures free air movement around the bottles to guarantee stable control of the internal temperature at 37°C.


The outer cabinets are made from sheet steel finished in easy-clean grey stove powder paint; stainless steel exterior cabinets are an option. The stainless steel chambers are more hygienic and durable, and offer excellent protection from corrosion. The internal design ensures optimum control and warm-up. An internal fan is fitted to all of these digitally controlled models.
As part of our policy of continuous product improvement, the specifications are subject to change without notice.


All models are fitted with a digital PID controller with the temperature fixed at a maximum of 37°C. On request other fixed or variable temperatures are available. An over temperature safety thermostat with warning lamp is always fitted.






External (mm)
Ht x W x D


Internal (mm)
H x W x D 








 MW30-ECO  Digital Control  10  1  570 x 415 x 422  220 x 315 x 315  20
 MW40-ECO  Digital control  20  1  670 x 415 x 422  320 x 315 x 315  25
 MW40/2S-ECO  Digital control  40  2  670 x 415 x 422  320 x 315 x 315  26
 MW50-ECO  Digital control  30  1  615 x 590 x 422
 240 x 490 x 460
 MW75-ECO  Digital control  70  1  623 x 590 x 567
 248 x 490 x 460
 MW130-ECO  Digital control 140   3  845 x 590 x 567
 555 x 490 x 460  45


All cabinets can be factory fitted with wall fixing brackets and audible alarm. Baskets are also available. Other accessories include stands, either with or without lockable wheels. Larger warming cabinets are also available.

These units are made to order, delivery is two to four weeks from order. Delivery to a mainland UK site is included within the cost of the unit.



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