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Noise Eliminating Intercom

Noise Eliminating Intercom

Noise Eliminating Intercom

The Noise Eliminating Intercom System enables clear voice communications from within noisy environments. Using Digital Signal Processing technology, unwanted noise and interference picked up in the communication can be removed from the signal to leave clear intelligible speech.
The system is suitable in a wide range of noisy applications, where the sounds of equipment give rise to poor voice communications. The intercom is particularly useful for improving the voice quality in medical environments, where noisy machines can make voice communication difficult.

intercom system consists of a stylish, robust, desktop speaker control unit, with a “push-to-talk” button, connected to a remote “hands free” speaker unit, with either a built-in, integral microphone, or remote microphone attached. This allows the noisy location to be constantly monitored.
Using minimal hardware components, the installation and operation of the intercom system is very easy, connections being made via a single cat 5 data cable. The system is pre-configured for optimum noise cancelling, which is fully adaptive to changing environmental conditions. It is suited to a variety of applications, where clear “noise free” two-way voice communications are important.

Simply plug in the power and the system is ready to go. 

Price: £1,737.75 

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