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MAS DVD Recording System

MAS DVD Recording System

MAS SD Recording System

Versatile Solution for Auto Record of Fluoroscopy to Multimedia

Internal HDD Recording


DVD – External USB HDD - USB Flash Disk

System integrates with X-ray Modality

System Inputs a variety of SD and HD Video

System Interface with peripheral Devices e.g. Urodynamic System

Interface Cable connects X-ray Modality

(Connected by Modality Manufacturer Service Engineer)

High Quality Medical Video Recording with the Sony HVO-550MD

Convenient Image Replay/Review from PC or Laptop

Simple in Use. VCS-2 Interface provides Auto Start/Pause of Recording

Register Patient Detail with Keyboard

Optional Sound Recording Accessory for Speech Therapy (Additional Price)

System Components

HVO-550MD Sony Medical Grade Video Recorder

LMD-2110MD Sony 21” Medical Grade LCD Monitor

VCS-2 Lite Beach Systems Video Control System


Recorder - Sony HVO-550MD

Records Internal HDD, Plus Simultaneous Recording to one of the following:

DVD-R (Data Format)

USB External HDD

USB Flash Disk

Monitor - Sony LMD-2110MD

Screensize – 21”

Resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)

Product Brochure


Price: £7,570.00 

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