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   BKM-243HSM (Sony)
Description: HD SDI & SDI Input Adaptor providing video input and output connectors for the main unit and a decoder for HD/D1 serial digital component signals. Features Decoder for serial digital component signals. Serial digital input and output signal connector.

Base SKU: BKM-243HSM
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   BKM-250TGM (Sony)
Description: The BKM-250TG 3G-SDI interface board is compliant with the SMPTE 425 standard and requires only one single SDI cable to transmit up to 10-bit 4:2:2 1080P/60P video signals. This optional 3G-SDI interface offers a simple cabling solution for groups of video equipment rack-mounted behind an editing room. 

Base SKU: BKM-250TGM
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   BKM-256DD (Sony)

The BKM-256DD option board is a DVI-D input/output board, compatible with the LMD-2451MD.

This model will also be compatible with future models of the 51 monitor series.

The BKM-256DD has a 5V power supply capability and is equipped with an equaliser. This means that the option board is convenient for longer distance transmission for the DVI solution and optical fibre connectors.

Base SKU: BKM-256DD
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   BKM-30GM (Sony)

The Sony  Circular Polarizer 3D Glasses are used by 3D production operators to view circular polarized signals on the LCD panel of LMD-2451TD and LMD-4251TD 3D monitors.

Equipped with a soft frame, the BKM-30G Circular Polarizer Glasses are designed to fit any face size and shape and are comfortable to wear, thereby ensuring minimal stress to the user even during continuous production tasks. Minimal crosstalk (interference between the right and lens lenses) ensures optimum 3D image viewing even when the user tilts his head. The center-support structure provides rigid support and optimum balance to the lenses and prevents lens distortion. Since there are no batteries needed, the 3D glasses are lightweight (18 g / 0.040 lb).

Made of polycarbonate lenses, the 3D glasses are lightweight (18 g / 0.040 lb))can withstand temperature changes and shock. The ear stems offer a firm grip to the lenses and prevent the glasses from slipping. Nose pads provide additional grip and prevent slippage due to sweat.

Available as a "Clip On" for use with operators own glasses.


Base SKU: BKM-30GM
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   BKM-341HS/M (Sony)

HD/SDI input adaptor.


Base SKU: BKM-341HS/M
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   FS-24 (Sony)

Foot switch designed for use with Sony medical devices. Replaces FS-20.

By stepping on the pedal various specific functions can be performed on the connected Sony medical device.

Protected against harmful ingress of water: IPX3

Base SKU: FS-24
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   SU-560 (Sony)

Stand for Sony medical grade LCD monitors: (LMD-xxxxMD)

  • Specifically designed for the LMD-xxxxMD range of medical monitors
  • Features four threaded holes on the bottom to make a permanent installation.
Base SKU: SU-560
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