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Visual Therapy

Visual Therapy

An integral component of Patient Care. All images are the work of internationally acclaimed Nature Photographer Joey Fischer

Nature Imagery, when incorporated into a Clinical Environment, can reduce Patient Stress and Anxiety

Visual Therapy can effectively Relax a Patient

The Patient is consequently more Responsive to Treatment

Images are Patient Focal Points

When Visual Therapy was viewed during treatment, the Patient was less likely to move

An aide to avoid Repeat Treatment and Examination


Benefits of Working with Visual Therapy

Provide a Beneficial Patient Experience

A Tranquil Working Environment contributes to Improved Staff Satisfaction

Visual Therapy reduces Systolic Blood Pressure, helping to Redirect Negative Thought

Visual Therapy can sustain interest, whilst decreasing boredom

Visual Therapy allows for a Beneficial Passage of Time

Nature is an adjunct to the Healing Process

A Gallery of over 2000 Images is available via the Visual Therapy Web Site

M.A.S. Medical Ltd is the Appointed UK Agent for Visual Therapy Products by 'The Art Research Institute' 

Each Visual Therapy Project is Individually Priced and Bespoke Manufactured

According with Specific Department Requirement

Please see the following Gallery Link


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